Why would a Las Vegas sports book decrease your maximum wager?

If you can make an 8% profit betting sports (like a good professional bettor should be able to do) you’ll need to have a bankroll of half a million dollars to net a $40k annual salary. . You should spread your money at 5-6 books and see who you develop a good relationship with first. Aaron – http://www.betexit.com

I hope this helps in your new quest. I don’t think any book would not accept a $500 wager on any event as that is pretty small potatoes compared to what the professional gamblers are wagering.

Some books aren’t crazy about taking smart money and will look for any reason to kick you out – others like the M Casino are known for taking the smart money because it tells them how to shape their line better

Charles N. Lucius

Charles N. Lucius

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Charles N. Lucius

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