Marco Rubio tops Trump and Carson in online betting site

There’s a three-way tie for fourth place between Rubio, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

It’s yet another sign that political insiders and Wall Street financiers do not believe Trump and Dr. Betters could double their money — or better — if they bought early and held on. and internationally that allow people to express their view on who will win in 2016.

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Casino gambling on elections is currently illegal in the U.S. The next highest Republican candidate is Jeb Bush at 30 cents followed by Trump at 23 cents. Would-be gamblers can participate in small-scale prediction markets used for research purposes like PredictIt that heavily restrict the amount of money one can wager.

Trump and Carson continue to have a commanding lead in new polls from CNN/ORC and the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll this week.

Rubio now has a substantial lead over his Republican rivals on PredictIt, an online platform where people actually put money down for who they think will win the GOP race.

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2016 republican nominationScreengrab of Predict It on Tuesday, Oct.

Rubio surged above Jeb Bush to take the No.

The Republican standings on PredictIt are a sharp contrast to the latest poll results. People buy and sell candidate shares much like a stock.

The “Rubio will win” option traded as high as 40 cents on Tuesday. Nearly 1.5 million shares have been traded so far in PredictIt’s Republican presidential poll.

PredictIt isn’t a typical online poll. He has led ever since.

CNNMoney (New York) First published October 20, 2015: 12:57 PM ET

. The site allows people to put down only up to $850 in a particular race.

Rubio currently comes in third place in more traditional polls.

On Irish betting site Paddy Power, Hillary Clinton currently leads the 2016 race with the best odds followed by a tie between Bush and Trump. Trump is a distant third.

PredictIt’s users tend to be 18-to-40 year olds who follow politics and like to bet on races.

CNNPolitics has a free Political Prediction Market where Rubio heads the Republican field with 32% odds of winning. Bush comes in second place with 22% odds. Ben Carson have what it takes to win the nomination.

There are a number of other sites in the U.S. 1 spot on PredictIt the end of September.

CNN’s Chris Moody and Alexander Rosen contributed to this report. 20

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