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The classroom was in poor condition. Rose (my Wife) had a ball passing things out with her sister and I snapped photos. Starting this year they will receive reference books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, used shoes, fans. We will have a Christmas party for them too. Someone who cared. 100 word minimum to be turned in on the 23rd. One small working fan. The kids and their families don’t ask for help from anyone, they just accept their life as it is. Not that who I am matters in the slightest. I was only there an hr and can’t count the bites. You can imagine how hard it is to learn on days without a breeze. As soon as they got the toothbrushes they all wrote there names on the packages… No government budget again.The room has no ceiling also, only an exposed roof. The rest of the year is hot and dry.

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Mike Jansen and Dan Connor write today about a ministry that deserves some attention and publicity.

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Hello My name is Mike Jansen. 8 feet of rainfall. No bathroom. Where when they say they will do something they do it. Many are ex military as Dan is. The books are shared by 2-3 kids for each book. I write of this situation because not enough people are even aware that such things exist. Their aim was not to fracture society, rather to unite it.Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajSpiritual Knowledge Alone Is Eternal By: david grow – When Arjuna becomes despondent in the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Mahabharata War, he puts his bow down well before the commencement of the battle and refuses to fight. The King thought, Tomorrow Birbal is coming to visit me.Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharaj

Very few children have the required uniforms…but the school would be close to empty if they enforced that rule. 1st prize is 500 php.(php= philippine pesos) 2nd is 250 php. She makes about $300 a month and has three children of her own. But the government has no budget to replace them so they use them. But next month we will have other prizes like a 10 kilo sack of rice, Uniforms etc. Toothbrushes and basic hygiene items are not considered as necessities since survival is more important. I fell in love with this country and its people 2 years ago when I went there to meet a pen pal. I have not been sheltered from the realities of the world like so many Americans. The kind that still live the old fashioned ways that our parents lived. Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajReverence And Faith In Devotion By: david grow – It is written in the Ramayana that Hanuman was searching for the lifesaving Sanjivani plant to revive Lakshman during the war against Ravana. You Have to admire that!!

She has 50 students in a very small classroom with one small fan. Any act of kindness brings gratitude and a big smile. Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajKnowledge Through Satsang By: david grow – Today, an uninterrupted current of satsang is flowing from place to place, but do we ever ask ourselves what one gets from satsang? Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajSociety Needs Peace And Harmony By: david grow – Once the King of Parasnagar told Emperor Akbar that he wanted to meet his minister Birbal. Only two subjects have textbooks, English and Filipino. They will write on why learning English is important to them. Fifty-three kids in this class.

God Protects His Devotees Himself By: david grow – Once emperor Akbar said to Birbal, It is very strange that your Great Divine Personalities whom you worship, come running to protect their devotees themselves. Actually it and 3 others are condemned. So, those rice grains which do not break eve … Kids all got new toothbrushes, tooth paste. They kill me LOL. Then Lord Shri Krishna resolves his doubts and imparts Spiritual Knowledge to him, sayin … And the blessings are incredible.

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Report on our first school visit-. I will go over there and join them in trying to help this country of people that don’t have a feeling of entitlement. Their parents mostly make a living digging through the local garbage dump. Rose talked to the kids and found out NONE had EVER had a toothbrush. This group on Yahoo groups is a cross section of people from all over. The teacher will hold a class on brushing teeth and check everyday to make sure they do. The average daytime temperature here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines is 88 degrees with relative humidity running between 60% and 100%. I am a Desert shield/storm Army veteran. He knew that it sparkled at night but Ravana used magic to make the entire mountain on which it grew flashing.Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharaj Salvation Through The Heart”s Transformation By: david grow – Our saints and sages possess such a treasure of Spiritual Knowledge and peace that the environment of war and terrorism in the world can be eradicated.Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajSatguru Imparts The Holy Name Of God By: david grow – We put sandal paste between our eyebrows. All either bought by me or donated by friends of mine. Most had a look that suggested this was a new experience for them. Snack time they had orange juice and biscuits. Does … All I can say is even the homeless people here in America have more resources available to them than the poor of the Philippines.

For those few who are helping I will always be grateful and more importantly the kids will too. 3rd is 100 php. Why do they do not send their messengers, an angel?Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajDoes Sin Even Exist? By: Denny Smith – Does sin even exist? In the America of today, a postmodern, secular society that some are calling post-Christian, where the very idea of God and Christianity are being called into question one cannot help but wonder what then becomes of sin in such a culture. A visit to the dentist is unheard of. I gave the essay challenge to the kids. No water. Tags: sin, liberalism, values, Christianity, cultureNothing Is Higher Than Spiritual Knowledge By: david grow – Our saints said that the root cause of misery is the mind. I am thrilled to be a part of this program and cannot tell you what a difference it will make in 50 lives.

Well our first visit went very well. They gobbled down their snacks and drinks with wide eyed joy. The lucky ones have flip flops or worn out shoes. Once there was a saint.Tags: satpal maharaj, shri satpal maharajHoly Name Dries Up The Worldly Ocean By: david grow – Our great Divine Masters united society by imparting the experience of Spiritual Knowledge. Cash is a big incentive to them. So some left them closed and some opened them and wrote their name on the handle of the toothbrush. A means no and kshat means broken. That whole rice is called Akshat. Every single penny that I have extra is spent on the kids. He invited Birbal to visit his city. then they remembered they would have to open the package to use them LOL. Most kids wore flip flops, but once again…..they were all smiles….go figure.


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Most of her kids come to school barefooted. During that time they will receive approx. They tried to eradicate all strife and feelings of division. One small working fluorescent light. Above the sandal paste, red turmeric and lime powder, we paste whole rice grains. They may take it home or spend it?? Who knows. What it does have is plenty of mosquitoes. Rainy season starts in June and lasts for about 4 months. On Mondays school attendance is less than half since parents take their barefooted kids to the dump to help.

My sister in law is the teacher of a fourth grade class, in Cagayan de Oro Philippines. They were very happy indeed and it was all I could do to keep my emotions in check. Through the mind alone, our desires go on multiplying and there is no end of desires. Yet she finds a way to make her class as child inviting as possible at her own expense

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