Compulsive Gambling Leaves a Trail of Destruction

He has no assets.

It’s Exhausting For the Family

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My father has reached his seventies without saving a penny. If not for my mother’s pension, they would be out on the street.

Almost as Bad as the Gambling…the Lying

Gam-Anon and other organizations preach forgiveness above all else. It was money she was counting on to supplement their income when they reached their eighties. By that time, the damage is done and it is usually irreversible.

A man who has spent a lifetime telling other people how to invest for emergencies has ended up penniless. In order to keep their secret they will lie to anyone, spouses, children, parents, coworkers and friends. Money is slowly siphoned from the source until there is nothing left. Gamblers will function quite well as long as they have a ready source of cash, such as a family member or income from a business or investments. You just get worn out and tired, just really tired.

They Usually End Up Penniless

Forgiveness Comes…Eventually

It’s Never Enough

When we uncovered my father’s gambling addiction, the devastation to my family unit was irreparable. This is not something I should have to worry about with people who earned a good living during their work lives. He never saw any reason to purchase any property or make any sound investments. Deep down they hate themselves for their habit, but like children, they are unwilling to come clean.

A gambler’s true addiction is money. We figured it out because my father had tripped himself up by trying to cover his tracks. They make financial decisions based on how much money they can hoard for gambling. Any adult child of a compulsive gambler who thinks they will see any type of inheritance is fooling themselves.. If it had not been for my quick thinking, they would have lost everything.

Some gamblers do experience big payoffs, but the money is quickly spent on placing more, and bigger bets. My sister and I have struggled for most of our adult lives to build a healthy respect for money. Part of me wonders how he sat down over breakfast every morning with a woman who has taken care of him for 50 years, while he was robbing her blind. Any financial relief is out of reach because no matter how much money a gambler can get their hands on, it is never enough to satisfy their insatiable craving for betting.

Even though I know it is a disease and he really can’t help himself, part of me resents him for not being adult enough to seek help sooner. I also resent all the money that my grandparents left being swallowed up by his disease. Gamblers do not think any further ahead than the next bet. Money is what they need to fuel their habit of placing bets, whether it be lotto cards, horse racing or blackjack. I’ve been talking to a disease for most of my life, not a real father. He was a fairly successful insurance man with 50 years in the business, yet when the true extent of his addiction came to light last year, we were dumbfounded. It has been almost a year since the truth was revealed, and I am still angry at the waste and the bleak future my parents face as their fixed income slowly becomes inadequate to meet their needs as they get older. In the blink of an eye, more than half was gone. It’s a twisted mindset that allows them to blow everything they have while bills go unpaid. They spend their lives trying to cover their tracks. This makes gambling a very tough addiction to break, because like food addictions, the gambler is addicted to something they have to use in everyday life – money.

This is another symptom of the compulsive gambler: Their skewed relationship with money. Gambling is a disease after all, and you can’t blame someone for being sick. They view money as something to play with, almost like Monopoly money. They live their lives in a fantasy world where the next big win is right around the corner.

How Do They Live With Themselves?

It’s Not Just The Betting

The other insidious thing about problem gamblers or compulsive gamblers is the pathological lying. He was never generous with money, even though he always had a wad of bills in his pocket. As an adult child I also am suddenly worried about having to support my parents at some point. As it turned out, my father had helped himself to an annuity my mother had religiously contributed to every month for 25 years during the course of her teaching career. We’ve both finally reached a place of sanity and serenity in our own lives.

The most insidious thing about gambling is that a gambler who has access to money can literally support their habit for many years without getting caught. How does someone live with themselves?

The other part of me resents his obsession with money and being the hot shot while I was growing up. Money enables the gambler to “stay in the action,” a gambling term for active betting. I know that I will eventually have to forgive, right now I’m just trying to figure out how to sit in the same room with a parent that I never actually liked or trusted. The sum total of my father’s income is now a meager Social Security check. As most adult children of any kind of addict know, it’s not that you actually hate them – that’s too toxic to carry around. This was In addition to fudging bank statements so that she didn’t know he was siphoning off their other savings account. He has no savings, and he is too old to make up for lost time. He had money for expensive vacations, expensive jewelry and nice cars, but paying for his kids college education was out of his reach. Their low self esteem compels them to live like high rollers – and spend on luxuries when they can’t even pay the mortgage.

Gamblers Can Keep on Going…

My father’s inability to own up to his destructive behavior is a big reason for my current unwillingness to speak to him. This inability to plan for the future is another symptom of the disease of compulsive gambling. His weird relationship with money was passed on to his kids

I think I’m addicted to sports betting, should I quit?

I’m starting to do sports betting a lot! i think i’m addicted. but I’ve been winning so often with the system, it’s hard to stop! lol

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Where are the Casino Jobs?

- $2.092 billion

Connecticut – $1.448 billion

Detroit, Mich. – $1.050 billion

Tunica Resorts, Miss. Casino employees are responsible for manning these games, except for slot machines, which are self-operated.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, Nev. Casinos typically host a variety of games, including everything from blackjack and poker to craps and roulette to baccarat and slot machines. Louis, Mo. – $833.5 million

Shreveport, La. For instance, most casinos also house a hotel, restaurants, shopping areas, and an entertainment venue âEUR” all of which provide employment opportunities.

Casinos also employ a number of behind-the-scenes employees, including everything from managers to cashiers to security guards. In fact, many places throughout the world have become known solely for their high-class casinos and gambling industries (think Caesars Palace in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo in Monaco).

Top Five Regions for Casinos

According to PricewaterhouseCooper, the top five regions for casinos âEUR” based on projected 2011 revenue âEUR” include:

The most popular jobs at a casino are those that deal with gambling. – $5.5 billion

Atlantic City, N.J. – $779.65 million

Boulder Strip, Las Vegas, Nev.

Where Should I Look for These Jobs?

There are many places to look for casino jobs, both in America and abroad. – $997.02 million

Biloxi, Miss. These employees make sure that casino guests are acting accordingly and that the day-to-day operations of the casino go smoothly.

What Types of Casino Jobs Are There?

There are a ton of opportunities when it comes to casino jobs, both in terms of the positions available and where the jobs are located.

Macau, China – $28,379 million

Las Vegas, Nev., United States – $10,300 million

Singapore – $5,479 million

France – $3,957 million

Atlantic City, N.J., United States âEUR” $3,330 million

Australia – $2,847 million

South Korea – $2,512 million

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South Africa – $1,740 million

United Kingdom – $1,209 million

Poland – $1,126 million

Top 10 US Regions for Casinos

The top 10 regions in the United States for casinos âEUR” based on 2009 revenues âEUR” include:

United States – $58,030 million

Asia Pacific – $41,259 million

Europe, Middle East, Africa – $16,452 million

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Latin America – $594 million

Top 11 Local Markets for Casinos

The top 11 local markets for casinos âEUR” based on projected 2011 revenue âEUR” include:. – $1.36 billion

St. – $774.33 million

While casinos are mainly associated with the gambling activities that go on there, which is perhaps the biggest part of the casino business, there are usually many other aspects to a casino. – $3.943 billion

Chicago, Ill

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Why is Michael Jordan considered the greatest player in basketball when they are clearly better players with better stats?

. led the 1956 US Olympic B-ball team to the gold medal while posting an average winning margin of 50+ which is higher than the ’92 Dream Team and the 1960 Olympic team which was considered the greatest amateur unit ever assembled . 2x NCAA champ and 1x MOP coming from a small college program with a 55 game winning streak . . Un-informed: The new and casual fans. I’ve always believed that he made that team exactly what it was supposed to be. If I was on their team, I would be taking away from some of what the other guys were doing. . I would’ve given them a little bit more in certain things, which I think would have made the team NOT AS GOOD. . These are simply the people who dont know or follow basketball. These people often are supporters of another player who does not have the ring luxury of Russell. This is what Wilt thinks whenever people say that Russell only won because of his HoF teammates:

Theoretically speaking, the Celtics with an “Allstar” cast like that should be able to shrug off Russell’s departure and continue the Celtic dynasty, in reality, they couldnt.

Russell has 5 rings w/o Cousy. To them, supporting Russell is an implicit acknowledgement of the merits of the rings argument for judging greatness and people will use that as a case of double standard against them when they are arguing in support of another player’s greatness.

And to debunk the myth that Bill Russell only won championships because of his talented teammates . And you couldn’t get any better.”

The Celtics NEVER went to the NBA Finals before Russell even with Hall Of Famers like Coach Auerbach and players like Macauley, Cousy, Sharman, and Ramsey.

STATS(rebounding records, top 5 FG% several times, multiple top ten assist rankings which is impressive for a center, ridiculous Defensive Win Shares and wouldve even be more eye-popping if blocks and steals were recordered during his time, stats across the board goes up during Playoff, Finals, and Do-or-die games especially ppg and fg%)

Back in the ’62 season, Russell took himself out for 4 games and the Celtics lost 4 straight games even with Red Auerbach, Cousy, Sharman, the Joneses, Ramsey and other HoF’s.

- Wilt Chamberlain – third paragaraph from, Q: Can you talk more about Bill?

Sam Jones was a member of 10 Celtic championship teams but he was a bench warmer for the first four of those teams. He creates Hall Of Famers out of his teammates.

Lets also not forget his other achievements outside of the NBA . . Once he got there, he (Bill Russell) was the piece that they were looking for. Heinsohn by the way only won the ’56 ROY because Bill was taken out of the running in all awards on his rookie year because he signed his NBA contract mid way into the season and played only half a season. . . . He was doing pinpoint outlet-passing and playing point-center on half-court sets back when Walton is still in highschool.)

AWARDS (5 mvp’s, SI Sportsman of the year in ’68,and its a pity than Finals mvp and dpoy were only given during his last year otherwise he would’ve plenty of those)

Back in ’69, Russell took himself out for 5 games because of an injury and the Celtics lost 5 straight even with HoF’s Sam Jones, Havlicek, Satch Sanders, and Bailey Howell.

3. He is weak in individual scoring but he regularly places in the Top 10 NBA assists chart during his player career and even that does not even scratch the surface on Russell’s contribution on offense. Louis player.

Russell won 3 championships without Heinsohn and KC, 2 of which came as PLAYERcoach. Think of your wife, sister or girlfriend.

Andy Philip played only 2 years in Boston and was known more for his time in Fort Wayne. Bill Russell gave them just what they needed. A huge 14 game drop.

And the modest 48 wins that the Celtics garnered during the ’69 season is the lowest number of wins that the Celts have during the Russell -era and occured only because Russell spent a lot of time in the injured list and/or recovering.

The Celtic dynasty started and ended, at least the first part pre-Cowens, Silas etc., of the 70’s with Bill Russell.. In fact saying that Russell is weak in offense is a common mistake. These are the people who summarily dismissed pre-1980 Bird and Magic NBA /pre-merger NBA as “weak” or who only knew Russell for defense, rebounding and 11 rings. . Scared: I consider this a subtype of #2 but to hell with it, lets put in a different category. Arnie played only 3 years and spent the bulk of his career in Rochester. . whereas Bird and Magic “saved” the NBA during the cable TV era in the 80’s, Wilt and Russell saved the NBA during the TV network era in the 60’s . (Tom) Heinsohn wouldn’t be getting the same number of shots, nor would (Bill) Sharman, nor would (Bob) Cousy because I’d be shooting the ball a whole lot more. KC who was drafted in ’56 but only joined in 1958 because of Army Service, also was a bench player for the first four years.

SKILLS (dribbles like a guard, passes like a pointguard, rebounds and plays defense like a monster, impeccable floor leadership . He also has 5 rings

without Havlicek. . These are the people who knew the truth about Russell but does not want to acknowledge it because they are afraid to be labeled as “ring-whores” – fans who judge player greatness with rings. . Ill-informed: These are the people who follow basketball but are not doing proper research on the subject. . These are also the type of people who could not wrap their heads at the idea that a non-scoring player could have such a huge positive impact on the game. Keep in mind, Russell was Walton before Bill Walton. He also has 2 rings without Red Auerbach as coach.

Persons who don’t give Russell credit typically fall into 3 groups:

1. . The latter is the worst losing streak of the Celtics since Red Auerbach took over the helm.

“That team (the Celtics) wasn’t so great until he got there. (ie.Jordan is 6’6″ but Olympic measurements without shoes peg him at 6’4″)

How many rings does Jordan have without Pippen and Phil Jackson? How come that Chicago only suffered a 2 point deficit in the Win-loss column when Jordan first retired in 1994? How come Pippen was able to lead a Jordan-less Bulls to the eastern Conference Finals?

RINGS (11 rings in 13 years with 2 coming off during his time stint as playercoach, that is playing 40+mins AND coaching too, 11-0 in deciding games).

The instances that i mentioned are the two worst losing streaks of the Russell-era Celtics. A lot of people have said to me, “Wilt, what if you had that team? Boy, you would never have lost!” NOT TRUE. . . Think of Hakeem Olajuwon during his past his prime Toronto Raptors days.

2. They are unaware of the rule changes, coaching trends, and referee-call changes that dictated the style of basketball to be played depending on the era you lived on. Everybody had a role on that team. He wasnt even the Sixth man of those teams.

When Russell retired after the ’69 season, the Celtics went down from 48 wins to 34 and they MISSED the Playoffs even with HoF’s such as Havlicek, Sanders, Jo Jo White and Howell. . These are the type of people you often see in basketball sites.

This is wrong because Russell’s greatness like all players hinges on a combination of :

Russell brings out the best out of his teammates. . Russell would be listed as 6’11 or higher today. . Clyde played only 2 years and is more known as a St. . average in scoring but hey being above average in 5 out of 6 skill department is more than enough to be labeled as very skilled. .

Andy Philip, Clyde Lovellette and Arnie Risen DID NOT play their Hall of Fame game in Boston. Height’s back then are not inflated with sneakers. lost only one game during his last 2 years in college . outspoken Civil Rights crusader inside and outside of the NBA.

Also, the average height of NBA centers back in 60’s was 6’10 w/c is a tad higher than Russell’s height.

Poker Is A Scam – Money Making Scams

There are other uses for the deck control, but this is the simplest to describe.

Just like in online poker, it is in the house best interest to keep the game running as long as possible. Even if that break occurs no where near the middle of the deck, I have found 80-90% of the dealers cut right to that spot. Meaning that when a player places chips in a rack in preparation to leave, playing one more hand will be your demise. There is even a name for that specific occurrence. I have also found them to deal disproportionately well to friends and family members. The shuffler always seems to leave a break in the cards when it has done it’s task, and then the dealer cuts right to it. This is done by dealing winning hands to the players low on chips or short on experience, and not dealing additional winning hands to those who are already ahead or know how to keep the money. The easiest way to achieve that is to control who’s cards are winning. It is so hard to believe that you are being duped and can’t catch it yourself, but I have seen enough to draw my own conclusion. I heard it called the “rack curse”. I believe without any doubt that the automatic card shufflers in use today are far too predictable. The Deck Mate automatic shuffler, and all of the other models in use today are not being used to randomize the outcome of a poker game, they are being used to manipulate the poker players who trust them to ensure fairness.. Once this “first act” has been achieved, the dealer must “chase the cut” in order to access the appropriate location in the deck. If both are done correctly, the results are mind blowing. That all should have stopped with the installation of the automatic shufflers, right? Wrong! It just got worse. The player who was just about to leave loses half of his chips with pocket kings against pocket aces, or any other variation of a bad beat at an incredibly improbable time. An average dealer can predetermine the ending position of several cards based on where and how they put them back into the deck at the end of the hand

Sarah Ganly – 2/2 – :

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PlayStation network is down, and it has left many people wondering what the cause of this network error may be. Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar market, and many people enjoy

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Turbo Tax, an easy to use tax preparation software, is celebrating the federal tax deadline extension by rewarding procrastination. There are

Is Offshore Online Poker Sites Shutdown Due to US Online Gambling Site Startup?

Online Poker Sites Shutdown Unfairly by US Government

New weapon technology is emerging as a US Navy laser test proves successful. Some say this legislation is to protect Muslim women, but many argue that

The US government shutdown three major online poker sites, and they are expected to be unavailable to US customers in 48 hours. Lack of updates and the popular group known as Anonymous have been accused of causing the

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Full Tilt Poker Suspends Real Money Poker Games in US

PlayStation Network Down Caused by Update Issue?

Google Executive Defects to Groupon As Google Offers is Released

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After all the doubts and denial, Sony Playstation network announces it was hacked after all

Is the Russian roulette knife test real?

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Is Online Sports Gambling Illegal in the U.S.?

The federal government isn’t stupid. They all operate with impunity, as U.S. They can easily track financial transactions around the world, and they always know where the money’s going. government is generally fine with allowing individual sports bettors to place wagers online. eventually filed appeals to the ruling, but all appeals were also lost.. More and more people-many of whom were regular online gamblers ten years ago-are going back to the Internet to look for action. citizens. If you’re serious about opening an account with an online sports book, it’s advisable to do some research in advance and visit one of the many reputable sports gambling forums on the Internet. As a result, it’s becoming all the more difficult and pointless for the federal government to waste resources trying to police an activity that is already legal in the majority of the world.

If the site where you’ve sent your money gets targeted, chances are you won’t be able to get your money back, regardless of how much you’ve won or lost. Wager at Your Own Risk

All that said, it’s highly improbable that an individual sports bettor will run into any legal problems by opening an account at a reputable online gaming website and placing wagers, accepting payouts, etc. Eventually, the U.S. customers. citizens, as well as the payment processors who facilitate deposits and payouts related to sports betting accounts.

With the explosion of the Internet in the late ’90s and early ’00s, online gambling services and poker rooms are everywhere. But the sports gambling sites know this, and many have ensured that they are operating in a manner that will sufficiently insulate them from any legal problems brought by the U.S. began to try to crack down on online sports betting services that were targeting U.S. Many legal experts pointed to the Wire Act, which outlawed betting on sports over the telephone, but especially now in the age of satellite and cable Internet connections, the lines are more blurred than ever.

In trying economic times such as these, seizing millions of dollars at a time from companies operating within gray areas of the law is probably time well spent for the Department of Justice. Department of Justice was able to prosecute a few companies for offering sports betting services to U.S. Get a recommendation on which sites have been most stable and have managed to steer clear of prosecution. and won in the International court. They also threatened prosecution of companies for selling advertising for the same types of services, but Antigua filed suit against the U.S. The problem they encountered, however, was that there was no law in place that outlawed betting on sports on the Internet. The issue is that the feds still might be sniffing around the gaming website itself or some of its support services, especially payment facilitators. lawmakers and law enforcement agencies were unsure whether they could successfully prosecute such activity. The government focuses the majority of its resources on trying to stop the websites that are offering sports betting services to U.S. The U.S. government.

That is why you now hear and see a growing number of advertisements in publications, on the radio, and online for gambling websites and services. Once the account gets shut down, you’re likely going to be entirely out of luck.

From the standpoint of enforcement, the U.S. At that point, placing bets and gambling online should be pretty easy and quite safe.

Eventually, the U.S. States around the country are legalizing casino gambling, and many are pushing to legalize sports betting as well